About Us

In Like Finn is a carefully curated selection of jewellery that is set to elevate your everyday. Each item from In Like Finn’s launching 'Golden Hour' Collection is made from 18K gold plated wares, with unique designs offering a range of gems like freshwater pearls or zircon stones. From their Pretty Woman Gold Hoops that demand attention, to their Love Actually chain-link heart studs that you'll never want to take off, In Like Finn's range of jewellery is both modern and nostalgic.

Created to emulated 'Golden Hour', that magic moment right before sunset where the light creates a golden glow, In Like Finn's Golden Hour Collection will have you feeling like a real-life mermaid. Each design has been cleverly created to take you from sun up to sun down, with durable materials that make each piece waterproof and long lasting. As day turns into night, your In Like Finn jewellery will take advantage of the way the light hits - whether that be the picture perfect sun flecks that glistens off your golden hoops, or moon rays that make your zircon stones sparkle.

In Like Finn is an Australian label that was born in the Illawarra NSW. Created by two sisters (and best friends), Sian and Tahlia Crinis, it's a modern take on the jewellery label they created together when they were in their teens. With an everlasting love for jewellery, both sisters have long understood the importance of making a statement without having to say a thing. Both sisters share a love for the finer things (minus the hefty price tags), and believe any outfit can be elevated with the right pair of earrings. With that ethos in mind, the pair created In Like Finn, a bespoke jewellery label that offers jewels for anyone wanting to elevate their everyday.

In Like Finn launched in 2023 with their Golden Hour Collection, with their Silver Linings Collection set to launch later this year. www.inlikefinn.com